Consider Frederick Maryland For Your Weekend Getaway

Frederick Maryland is a quiet little town located at the base of the Catoctin Mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountain range in the western part of the state. At just over an hour’s drive away from Washington DC, this historical little town is a popular weekend getaway for those seeking to escape big-city life for a few days. If you’re planning a weekend getaway of your own, consider checking out the tourist destinations below.

Frederick was the site of two Civil War battles, the Battle of South Mountain and the Battle of Monocacy. This makes the city an attractive location for Civil War buffs. There are several museums and attractions you can check out to learn more about life in Frederick during this time period.

One of the top attractions is the National Museum of Civil War and Medicine. Visitors will learn all about how medicine was practiced on the battlefield during the Civil War. After learning how gruesome medical care was at this time, you’re guaranteed to come away with a strong appreciation for modern day medicine.

If you’re visiting from Washington DC, you should most definitely check out the Monocacy National Battlefield. That’s because it is the location of the battle that saved Washington DC. Occurring on July 9, 1864, the Confederacy actually won the battle here. Despite this setback, the battle delayed the progress of Confederate troops long enough for a defensive perimeter to be set around the capital city of Washington DC, saving it in the process. Had Washington DC fallen that day, the entire history of our nation may have turned out completely different than the one we’ve all come to know.

If communing with nature is more your speed, spend some time at Cunningham Falls State Park. As its name suggests, it is home to a cascading waterfall that is 78 feet in height, making it the tallest in the state. This park is perfect for a day trip of getting your weekend warrior game on. You can fish, hike, swim and canoe, or you can simply spend your time reading a book around a campfire or snoozing under a shade tree. If you’d like to stay the weekend, there are on-site cabin rentals available.

As you can see from the content above, there is a little something for everyone in Frederick. If a visit to Frederick Maryland is in your future, consider visiting the tourist destinations above. If you’re a Civil War buff, you will find the museums interesting and informative. If it’s outdoor life you prefer, Cunningham Falls State Park is just the ticket.